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juin 28 @ 8:00 - 5:00

An organization’s « Business Agility » describes its ability to detect the change, quickly build on new market conditions and respond accordingly to provide the highest value to an ecosystem… in a minimum of time.

How can we help an organization develop its Business Agility?

This XSCALE BUSINESS AGILITY training and certification allows organizations to achieve this in easy steps, minimizing risk while continuously demonstrating benefits. It provides a simple and practical approach to BUSINESS AGILITY and guides to:

  • Simplification and acceleration of communication structures
  • Optimizing leadership protocols and making quick decisions
  • Creating self-managed value flows by self-organized teams without disrupting existing industries.
  • Minimizing interdependencies to improve your organization’s TTM.
  • Transformation of « Command and Control » into « Autonomy and Alignment »
  • Stimulating a successful organization through game theory and « Rewards Model » through the organization.
  • Propulsion of new sources of value in a few months, not years via the « Seven Samurai Kanban ». This path is much easier, cheaper, faster and safer than framework-based « push » transformations, and reliable even in the most politically complex environments.
  • You’ll learn how to open bottlenecks in the value flow, workflow and learning flow between teams through simulations of Business Agility practices: « Game Without Thrones, » « Pirate Canvas » and « 3D Kanban. »
  • You’ll discover new ways to grow your business. Instead of one-way flows from the producer to the consumer, you will learn to treat markets as ecosystems, « mutual benefit networks » channelled through your business.

XBA is complementary but does not replace traditional Agile-in-IT frameworks, and does not require any prior knowledge of Agile culture, except a basic knowledge of the Agile manifesto.

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Date :
juin 28
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8:00 - 5:00
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Marouane AJRAOUI
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